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Making Indian Farming Hi-Tech

pininterestIndia has always been an agrarian economy, with majority depending upon agriculture for their livelihood. However, in recent times the country  is making itself visible on the global grid, in several other sectors as well. This has been achieved through a consistent focus on Research and Development. The good news is, that, many new avenues are opening up that are set to redefine all major sectors in India. One such attempt, that would give Indian agriculture an altogether new direction is use of Drones, Internet and Mobiles for farming.

Amazed? But it is true. Recently several experiments were conducted on three chosen states i.e. Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra wherein this said technology is set to be introduced. Haryana, being one of the leading agricultural states has already tasted success in these experiments and soon the farmers and natives would come across drones flying over their rabi or winter crops.

The usage of drones will do multiple tasks in the selected few districts of the states of Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Firstly, the drones would be handling transmission of the special kind of images to the scientists at Mahalanobis National Crop Forecast Centre in Pusa campus (a state run science pivot whose aim is to equip agriculture with space technology) who will keep track of the yield of the crop. Secondly, these special images would also offer precise information regarding the impact of climate, soil, irrigation facilities on the crop output.

After drones, the next hi-tech component is the usage of mobiles by farmers for better farm management. We all have witnessed a massive ownership of mobiles in the country and now it is time that this simple yet momentous technology be brought to use in farming. With a massive expected jump of 49% in the ownership of mobiles wherein 153 subscribers will be rural families, mobiles will serve as an excellent portal in providing day to day farm related messages. Indian government has already got 89.3 million farm families enrolled in these mobile farm advisory classes wherein they will be taught about how to increase their yield, minimize pest attacks and usage of fertilizers.

Apart from these hi-tech deliverance in agriculture many reforms are also coming up. One such hi-tech programme is launched by Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Minister of State Agriculture by the name ‘Kisan’ especially emphasizing the timely payment of farmers claims. With all these endeavors, Indian farming is set to get its name etched along with technically advanced agricultural  countries.

News Source : Hindustan Times
Image Source : Pinterest

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